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RemindMeBot, a bot that allows you to set reminders and be reminded of them later.

Owner(s): Aetheryx#2222

Prefix: r>

RemindMeBot does exactly what it says on the tin; a reminder bot. As a specialized bot, you can be assured RemindMeBot does a top notch job. With features like allowing you to set reminders using whichever method suits you best, viewing current reminders and forgetting them, custom prefixes per guild and (soon) very much more, RemindMeBot is unparalleled in his field.

Command Usage Info
help r>help or @RemindMeBot help Returns a help message to get you started with RemindMeBot.
remindme r>remindme [<time argument> "<message>"] Creates a reminder. Pass without args to start a guided tour.
list r>list Sends you your current reminders in DM. Note: will send in channel if DMs are disabled.
clear r>clear Starts a guided tour to clear all of your reminders.
prefix r>prefix <desired prefix> Changes your prefix to the given argument.
invite r>invite Returns an invite for RemindMeBot.
ping r>ping Returns the Websocket ping to the API servers in ms.
stats r>stats Returns information and statistics about RemindMeBot.