EmiliaEris online 1350 servers

Made for you can run and use Events, web dashboard, moderation, stats and other, Card

Owner(s): Silver Crow#7238

Prefix: @emilia

New Commands : Steam, Osu, Feedback, radio


beautiful web admin dashboard coded with react setup the bot individually for your servers' liking as well as your user settings you can setup your profile users and servers (activity public /users/servers).

beautiful profile cards with custom backgrounds web pannel and profile card with custom in discord (custom new features)

moderation tools ban/kick/warn users including an nice moderation log in the channel of your choice. Auto-moderation if the user got the max amount of warnings or was inactive for XX days.

The default trigger is @emilia, which can be changed using @emilia prefix ! (This would change it to !).

Total Commands over 100 For the system of events I based on G4M3R bot