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Marcus is a SFW bot that adds mod commands, fun commands, and entertains people with great jokes!

Owner(s): jake#3540, Marc#7377

Prefix: m&

Marcus is a Discord bot determined to enhance your
    server with the following features.

Marcus AutoMod
• Toggle AutoMod to have Marcus automatically moderate your server!
• Moderate and remove messages containing discord invites!
• More coming in the next update!

• Kick, Ban, and Softban users!
• Log Punishments in Audit Log and in a channel!
• Warn users and prune messages!

• Get server and/or user information and user avatars!
• Calculate mathematical expressions!
• Google things with safesearch protection!
• Set an automatic join role!

• Play Russian Roulette or Slots!
• Roll random numbers! (Default maximum is 10)
• Get funny dad jokes or ask the magic 8ball a question!
• Punch, Shoot, Hug, or give others cookies!

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Created and Owned by Marc and Jake.
Marcus Version v4.12.1 (OCTOBER 1ST, 2018)