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Marcus provides several moderation features, google commands, and fun commands!

Owner(s): Jake#8669, Marc#5983

Prefix: m&

Marcus provides users with things to do, such as:
- Search groups/players/games on ROBLOX!
- Play a game of Russian Roulette!
- Have fun with slot machines!
- Get server or user information!
- Flip a Coin!
- Google things!
- Ask it a question!
- Roll a number!
- Lock a channel down!
- Kick and Ban users!
- Log punishments with moderation logs!
- Set up a greeting and a farewell message!
...and much more!

Marcus has a very active and friendly support team that is determined to assist you if you need assistance setting up Marcus, or if you stumble upon a bug. Marcus is also very organized with a beautiful design aimed at enhancing the core features of your servers for you and the members of your server!

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Created and Owned by Marc and Jake.