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[Beta] 30+ commands. Fun+utility+mod (custom prefix/rps/tags/anime/weather/reddit)

Owner(s): slice#4274

Prefix: d?

Dogbot is a open source, configurable, generic, and 100% free-to-use bot. See the website for more information.

This bot is betaware! The bot might go down for an hour or two, but this is rare. I try to keep the bot up as much as possible with the use of hotpatching. However, some features require a full bot restart, which can take 8-20 seconds. If the bot does not respond (and it's online), that is why.

The invite link on this page does not let the bot do everything that it is capable of. Don't worry, the bot will inform you when it needs permissions. Just use away!

About the bot

  • 100% Free to Use
  • Open source (MIT license)
  • Powered by Discord.py rewrite
  • Code tries to be PEP8 conformant (100 character lines)
  • Typehinted


  • Custom (supplementary) prefix (d?prefix add !)
  • Play rock, paper, scissors with someone (d?rps @someone)
    • Use d?rps exclude and d?rps include to exclude or include yourself in games (you are included by default).
  • Put someone in a "forbidden thought" meme comic (d?forbidden @someone)
  • Shibe Inu pictures (d?shibe)
  • Google search (d?google stuff, or d?g for short)
  • UrbanDictionary definition lookup (d?urban word)
  • Wacky avatars (d?wacky)
  • Turn your friend's avatar into a forbidden thought (d?forbidden)
  • Vanity role creation (d?vanity name)
  • Jisho (Japanese dictionary) definition lookup (d?jisho)
  • Dog facts (d?dogfact)
  • Tags (d?tag)
  • Calculator (d?calc)
  • Anime searching (MyAnimeList) (d?anime)
  • Polls (d?poll)
  • Fetch the link to someone's avatar (d?avatar @someone)
  • Check when you joined the server/Discord (d?joined), or check who was the earliest to join Discord in the server (d?earliest)
  • Reminders (d?remind 30m Do the thing)
  • Google search's autocomplete (d?complete i love)
  • Weather (d?weather San Francisco, California)
    • Cloud coverage
    • Temperature ranges (both in Celsius and in Fahrenheit)
    • Sunset time in GMT
  • Reddit feeds (d?help reddit)
    • New hot posts every 30 minutes
    • No duplicate posts
    • Limited to 2 feeds per server
  • Dictionary (d?define hello)
    • Definitions, examples, and IPA pronunciation

Moderation Features

  • Message censorship - prevent troublemakers in your server by censoring messages containing invites, and more. (Currently, you may only censor invites and Twitch.tv/YouTube links.) (d?censorship, or d?cs)
  • Quickly block and unblock users from your channel (d?block, d?unblock)
  • Rename attention-seekers (people whose names start with !) (d?attentionseek)
  • Check who banned or kicked a user (d?who_banned, d?who_kicked, relies on Audit Log)
  • Pretty moderation log (just create a channel named #mod-log!)
    • Logs message deletes/edits (configurable)
    • Logs message censorship
    • Logs member join/leave
    • Logs member username/nickname changes
  • Message purging (d?purge)
  • Clean up messages from the bot (d?clean)
  • Disable and enable commands server-specifically (d?enable, d?disable)
  • Server-specific configuration (d?config)
  • Formattable welcome message (d?cfg set welcome_message "Hello %{mention}!")
  • Quickly tell if a channel is visible to @everyone (d?is_public)

That is a gist of what Dogbot can do.


If you need help with anything, please check the the wiki first. I try to keep everything about Dogbot documented there.

If you still need help, join the support server. You should join the support server if:

  • You need help
  • You want to request a feature
  • You have found a bug and need to report it
  • (etc...)

Invite to the (support) server: https://discord.gg/3dd7czT

Don't be afraid to mention me (@slice#4274). I'll get back to you ASAP. Don't forget to use the d?help command.



Any amount is appreciated. Donators recieve no perks other than a "dogbot supporter" role in the Dogbot server if you contact me about your donation.