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Charlemagne, A Destiny Discord Bot

Owner(s): Tor Kallon#5195, waterpolotrev67#8138

Prefix: !

Charlemagne, a Destiny Discord Bot

Charlemagne, Warmind of Mars, is a Destiny bot for Discord groups. We are a fully featured bot that provides access to stats, group planning, clan leaderboards, and more. A short sample of out commands is below. Go here to check out a full list of commands.
  • !register to register your id and link it to your Discord acct
  • !lfg to join or plan a group event.
  • !loadout to see your curent loadout or to see detailed information on an item
  • !pvp will show a set of Crucible stats for the listed PSN
  • !pve will show a summary of PVE stats
  • !trials shows Trials stats
  • !elo shows ELO for that game mode
  • !book for Age of Triumph record book status
  • !vog, !crota, !wotm, !kingsfall for raid stats (completions, fastest times)