Kitsuchandiscord.py online 1756 servers

A kitchen sink foxgirl bot. 150+ commands: Trashy anime pictures, utilities, trivia, NSFW, and more!

Owner(s): Foxalis#1150

Prefix: kit or @mention


Kitsuchan is here to make your guild more fun! Please check the support server for announcements about changes and new features. Kitsuchan's prefix is kit, or you can mention the bot. Run kit help for a full command listing, or alternatively check the GitHub page.


  • Foxgirls
  • Booru search (Safebooru and some others)
  • Reaction images (kiss, poke, hug, and more)
  • MyAnimeList lookup (anime, manga)
  • Wikipedia search
  • Utilities - Temperature conversion, colors (HLS, RGBA, hex codes), reverse text, and others
  • Information commands - Who has what role? What custom emojis are there? Who plays Overwatch on my server?
  • Random trivia
  • Tripmines to explode people!
  • Magic 8-ball
  • Random fortunes
  • A fidget spinner
  • Dictionary lookup
  • Mass kick/ban/message deletion
  • Spore lookup?
  • Linux news?
  • NSFW?? o.o
  • ...and much more!

Disclaimers and privacy statement

  • Kitsuchan is certainly not finished yet and may have bugs; stay tuned for new features and changes.
  • Kitsuchan automatically leaves bot collection servers.
  • Make sure you mark a channel as NSFW for the lewd commands to work properly. >.>
  • In the interest of transparency, you can see from the source code that this bot conducts telemetry which is not anonymous! I also do read said telemetry from time to time. This is there to prevent abuses of the bot, and to understand what the bot is being used for so I can improve upon it. Telemetry data will not be disclosed to anybody unless I am required to or believe it otherwise necessary.