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Highly customizable, advanced Moderation, Custom Commands, Logging, Verification, Levels, and More

Owner(s): NovusTheory#0001

Prefix: -, custom

Support Server

Type -help to get a list of commands in your DM

About Modulo

Modulo was designed from the ground up to be programmed by the community. Modulos goal is to be very modular and tailor every communities needs

What does Modulo offer?

Website Interface

An easy to use web interface that's very user friendly


An easy and simple way to enable and disables modules at the click of a button


Modulo is highly configurable and is becoming more configurable by the second

What are these Modules?


Powerful moderation tools to kick and ban users for prolonged times with ease


Modulo has a very strong and highly customizable system to restrict commands in channels of your choice


Modulo has a very versatile logging system, all moderation actions and message events are logged


Open your server up publicly? Need a way to lock certain features from people that need to verify themselves? Use Modulo's Verification system to make users do a noCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA and award them a role!

More to come

The list isn't even finished, more is yet to come, I look forward to hearing your feedback