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こんにちは(Kon'nichiwa)... I am a BOT entirely done for the purpose of fun, quiz, and memes!

Owner(s): Wizardλ#5679

Prefix: @Kanna Kobayashi#5685 <command> | kanna <command> | k!<command> | custom

The Dragon Project
Help command! Not that every bot has it
Interact with your friends!
Memes to make your day brighter.
Useless commands! \o/
How to Use Kanna
So, this is where we do a big text and do some shoutouts. So, Kanna works around permissions, 0 is everyone, 1 is anyone with a role named Dragon Tamer (You get acess to Dragon Tamer commands) and 2 being for anyone with Manage Server permission, giving you ability to use mod commands.