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BETA: Allow you to have free steam giveways on your server, provided by GA Community members

Owner(s): [EU/PC]maxerbox#1389

Prefix: ! | gn! | @Botmention help

Hey, I'm the creator of Giveaway Network, a bot that let you have free steam giveaways on your server. It's inter-server giveaways

If you need help, go on the official server: https://discord.giveawaynetwork.xyz

The original concept was dedicated for a server, GA Community. Here it's an old description:

>>How the server works ? "GA community", is an automatic giveaway discord server. Any users can donate keys, and theses keys are given in a giveaway. On GA community, you can share your steam keys, or try to win. When you donate a key, you gain credits and reputation. All is automatic, and the bot is maintened by me.

So, as you can see, it's :
  • Free Games
  • Donated By members
  • All is automatic.
Now imagine that you can have the bot on your server. It means that you can have free giveaway, from GA Community. Without doing anything. This new feature, is in beta test. Your members will be able to get the keys, donated by the members on GA Community (for now, it will change). So what do you think ? How to proceed: You have to invite the bot on your channel. When you have invited the bot on your server, create a new text channel on your guild. The bot must be able to write/read messages, manage messages, manage roles, mention everyone. There is no mention, of course, mentions are only on GA Community server.To set the channel, just type !gaChannel into the channel you just heave created. To use that command, you must have the permission ADMINISTRATOR. When the channel is set, you will receive giveaways from GA Community on it. you just have to type !ga enter/ !ga claim if you are selected.