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Logger is a simple Discord bot for logging different events in your Discord server.

Owner(s): James Bond#0007, LWTech#0005

Prefix: %

This is a utility and logging bot for various things in a Discord server. It can fulfill its niche without the extra stuff of do-everything bots.

I also have a dashboard! Click here to check it out!

  • Feeds! Read %help to see how you can tell Logger to log certain events to specified channels!

Logged events:
User joins/leaves server
User is banned/unbanned
A role is assigned/unassigned to a user
User joins/changes/leaves voice channel
A channel is created/deleted
Message edit/delete/bulk delete

And more, use the help command for a full list of events!
Logging will be concentrated to a channel of the user's choice. Event logs are provided as messages or embeds depending on the amount of info provided. The bot also pulls additional information from the audit logs.