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Logger is a simple Discord bot for logging different events in your Discord server.

Owner(s): James Bond#0007, LWTech#0005

Prefix: %

This is a utility and logging bot for various things in a Discord server. It can fulfill its niche without the extra stuff of do-everything bots.

Note: For inquiries about the bot, please contact James Bond#0007.

I also have a dashboard! Click here to check it out!


I ask for Manage Server so I can fetch invites to show you who uses what when they join!

  • Feeds! Read %help to see how you can tell Logger to log certain events to specified channels!

Logged events:
User joins/leaves server
User is banned/unbanned
A role is assigned/unassigned to a user
User joins/changes/leaves voice channel
A channel is created/deleted
Message edit/delete/bulk delete

And more, use the help command for a full list of events!
Logging will be concentrated to channels selected from the user's choice. Event logs are provided as messages or embeds depending on the amount of info provided. The bot also pulls additional information from the audit logs.
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