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A currency bot, that's only focused on currency. Get crates by typing messages in chat and open them

Owner(s): Sjustein#8204

Prefix: ;


Elite Looter is a bot where you can earn crates by typing random messages in chat. You have a 1 in 100 chance of getting a random crate type (from common to extremely rare: basic, normal, rare, epic, legendary, mythic)
You can open the crates you get with ;crate open to get a random amount of money, depending on the cratetype you open.
With your money you can gamble for a specified cratetype (it's not guaranteed that you will win money...)
You can also see a top 10 of all players with ;top. Also you can see basic information about the bot with ;botinfo and extra info with ;extrainfo


In the bot you can get a list of planned updates with ;updates. You can also see the date and time (if they are known yet) of the next update (;update next) and you can also submit your own update idea with: ;update submit
You can also see what update ideas other people suggested with ;updates submitted.
Search first if your update idea have not been submitted by other people with ;updates submitted before you submit your own update idea.


If you discover a bug, you can report it with ;bug report. You can see all the reported bugs with ;bugs and your own bugs with ;bugs me.
If your update suddenly is removed from the ;bugs list, your bug has probably been fixed in the next update, check the ;changelog or ;updates to see to see if that's the case!


You can see additional info about the ;botinfo command and more detailed information with ;extrainfo.
The help command is of course ;help, with this command you can also get in depth information about a command with ;help
Every day you can claim a free random chest with ;daily
There is a basic tutorial, that is completely new in this update (;tutorial)
Do you want to know what has changed in this update? --> ;changelog

Known bugs and planned updates:

Known bugs:

There are no bugs found yet!

Planned updates:

Expand the ;extrainfo with more info about the bot and more statistics
Expand the ;extrainfo command with more stats and information - maybe
Add upgrades for more frequent crate drops, shorter wait time for daily and more
;crates @ to see that user's crates
Another list of small updates and fixes
Be able to reroll a crate if you don't like the loot
Add keys for more luck for coins
Add trade function for crates and coins (thnx [LNAM]Ady :heavy_check_mark:)