EndlessJDA online 848 servers

Useful bot for-moderation, for-fun and for-utility

Owner(s): Artuto#0424

Prefix: e!


Endless is a bot designed to be easyful configured but with a lot of options to customize and fit your needs. More than 40 commands (at the time of writing), moderation commands, modloging, serverloging, starboard and more!


- Logging
- Welcome and Leave messages
- Tags
- Starboard
- Custom prefixes
- Variables in tags and welcome/leave messages
- Moderation commands
- Fun commands
- RoleMe (selfassignable roles)

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Endless is OSS (open source software). This way you can see what is running on your server. Contributions and Issue reports are accepted.



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- You found a bug?
- Need support using the bot?

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