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Wumpus is a customizable bot by wesselgame!

Owner(s): Wesselgame#0498

Prefix: w? (customizable, @mention if forgotten)

Hello! i am wumpus, a discord bot created with Love by wesselgame for fun!
Want to know all my commands? just type "w?commands" in your server for a list!
Have any more questions/need more support? feel free to join my support guild!
                                            Some of my features                                            

  • Multi language support! (Translators needed, dm wesselgame#0498 if you are interested ;D)
  • 95% Uptime 24/7, only downtime on spoopy errors/updates.
  • Actively developed.
  • Good & easy to use moderation commands.
  • Customizable welcome messages, prefix, and more. (w?config)
  • Lots of fun commands such as leet, encrypt & decrypt.
  • Anime film & Manga search. (Kitsu | Thanks august <3)
  • Custom modlog & chatlog channel.
  • 90% more stable than before.
                                            Some examples of my commands                                            

  • w?locale - Change your locale to any of the avaible languages!
  • w?config - Change The settings of wumpus for your guild such as the mod logs & join messages!
  • w?yesno - Generate a random answer, Yes or No!
  • w?user/guild - Some information about a user/the guild such as status!
  • w?mute/unmute - Mute/Unmute a user with your custom role (Set with w?config)!
  • w?encrypt/decrypt - Encrypt/decrypt a message using aes-256-ctr! (NOTE: Don't encrypt ANY of your personal details.)

There are also sometimes Important polls/questions/announceemnts in my support guild.