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A simple bot with earrape, Reddit, and island generation.

Owner(s): TeeJ#4650

Prefix: ;; (can be changed)

Hiya! Matrix is a multi-purpose bot with lots of features!
For a list of commands run ;;commands and for a some general information run ;;help

Some fun commands to start out with:
;;play -earrape song_name - This will play a youtube video at 5,000% volume.
;;play -m 55 smash mouth all star - Madness increases the volume by 5,000% after an elapsed time.
;;m [subreddit] - Get a post from a specified subreddit.
;;genisland - Generates an island

There's a lot more commands to try out, so be sure to read what's in ;;commands
If you want to donate, visit my patreon at http://patreon.com/matrixbot