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General commands bot. Includes music functionality. English only.

Owner(s): ! craftxbox#4738

Prefix: c;

c;about = "Shows info about the bot. Usage: c;about" c;help = "Shows a list of commands or help with a specific command. Usage: c;help " c;test = "Tests sending messages to the channel. Usage: c;test " c;invite = "Sends the invite of the bot to the channel. Usage: c;invite" c;cat = "Sends a random cat. Usage: c;cat" c;userinfo = "Gets info on a user. Usage: c;userinfo " c;send = "Sends a message. Usage: c;send " c;calc = "Calculates some numbers. Usage: c;calc " c;ping = "Gets the delay in milliseconds between the bot and the server. Usage: c;ping" c;tablestats = "Statistics on Table flips/unflips. Usage: c;tablestats" c;play = "Adds a song to the song queue. Usage: c;play " c;skip = "Skips the current playing song once the majority has voted. Usage: c;skip" c;queue = "Shows the current list of queued songs. Usage: c;queue" c;disconnect = "Disconnects from the voice channel (Requires VOICE_MOVE_MEMBERS permission). Usage: c;queue" c;np = "Shows the current playing song. Usage: c;np"