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Shuvi is a bot heavily focusing on moderation and information with some fun features.

Owner(s): MrLar#2565

Prefix: s!

Shuvi: Moderation and Information heavy bot with lots of fun features

H-Hi, I'm S-Shuvi! I'm h-here to make your life on Discord more fun and easy with many features. You can invite me to your server by clicking here.
I-I-If I misbehave or otherwise break you can join my Support Guild to get the issue r-resolved. S-Sorry!


I'm still in beta and development phase, bugs may occurr.

M-My features include but arent limited to:

  • Cats
  • Catgirls
  • Role Management
  • Channel Management
  • Customizable Guild settings
  • User, Guild, Role and Channelinfo
  • Anime search
  • Mutes with timeout
  • Detailed Server Logs
  • Jumbofy any custom emoji
  • Urban dictionary searching.
  • Customizeable Starboard
  • Customizable Moderation Logs
  • Imageboards such as Danbooru, Yandere and more

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