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The best dang poll bot around™

Owner(s): null byte#7464

Prefix: poll

Reactor (formerly Poll Bot) allows you to quickly create emoji-reaction polls with either yes/no or arbitrary number of options. It's built on the principle of Keep It Simple, Stupid.

To use it:

poll: Is F# better than Python?

And the bot will add a 👍, 👎, and 🤷 emoji.

You can also say:

poll: What should we eat for lunch?
M)-ystery meat
🐕 dog sandwiches
3 blind mice
🇺🇸) flags

And 🇲, 🐕, 🇺🇸, 3⃣ and 🤷 will be added as reactions to the message.
You can also use custom server emoji.