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Music/Moderation/Games/Utility bot with fresh interface and quality features

Owner(s): Marko Zajc#2119

Prefix: * (customizable)

Introducing LiBot, the next-gen AiO bot

Tired of having to pay ("donate") to unlock essential bot's features? Tired of being forced to upvote bots? Tired of having to have a million bots in your server? You'll love this.
LiBot can do all sorts of stuff, but you'll probably want to start with a simple *help first!
After locating the essential commands, you can proceed to use more advanced features such as Hitman, AutoRole, polls, etc.
LiBot also supports music playback from many popular services such as Youtube, Soundcloud and a lot of games to entertain you and your servers' folk.
And the best of all, it's all free for lifetime! You are never, ever, ever forced to pay or upvote LiBot in order to unlock some feature and there are no hidden costs or ads behind the scenes. It's all there out of the box for you to enjoy.
Have fun!

Also, here's a list of some useful commands:

  • *help - the command you probably can't go without
  • *ytplay - plays a track from Youtube
  • *autorole - adds new members to a role automatically for you
  • *purge - useful if you have too much.. dirty stuff in your chat
  • *akinator - plays a game of Akinator
  • *google - the answer to all questions
  • *urban - the.. second answer to all questions
  • and way, way more!

P.S.: if you encounter any issues or you want a feature to be added, feel free to report them with *feedback!