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A bot to deliver you virtual smores!

Owner(s): Chronomly#8108, TJDoesCode#6088

Prefix: ds.

Discord S'mores is one of the many Discord food bots. It's theme is S'mores, but it also offers Donuts and drinks. What sets it apart from any other Discord food bot? Well, I'm glad you asked! Discord S'mores is entirely automated. From when you order food to when it is put in the oven, there is a random delay from 1-3 minutes. Cooking takes a set 3 minutes, and then from when it is cooked to when it is delivered is another random 1-3 minute delay. In total, getting your food takes up to 9 minutes and doesn't rely on workers. This is an advantage because you can get food at any time you want, no super long delays for people to come online.