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Who needs specific commands when you can talk more openly.

Owner(s): Goldensaur#9221

Prefix: <@325608201175433216>

Instead of commands, you mention the bot and then talk to him, using keywords, for best experience, make sure to enable all permissions for him.
Cleverbot system yet to be released.

In case a keyword isn't recognized, it will send the owner the message to help on future updates.
Command Keywords Description Examples
Ping Ping
You + Here
You + Active
You + Online
Checks if bot is online, plus reaction time. @Trolluminati ping
@Trolluminati you here?
@Trolluminati are you active?
@Trolluminati you online?
Help Help
What + Command
What + Keyword
Gives help with alll keywords. @Trolluminati help me
@Trolluminati how to talk to you?
@Trolluminati what commands do you have?
@Trolluminati what keywords i can use?
Avatar Avatar
Avatar + [@Username]
Your + Avatar
Gives user's avatar. @Trolluminati show me my avatar
@Trolluminati i want to see @Username's avatar
@Trolluminati what is your avatar?
Contact owner/Join punlic server Contact + Creator
Contact + Owner
Contact + Server
Contact + Guild
Join + Creator
Join + Owner
Join + Server
Join + Guild
Message + Creator
Message + Owner
Message + Server
Message + Guild
Send + Creator
Send + Owner
Send + Server
Send + Guild
PMs you a link to the public server. @Trolluminati contact me to your creator
@Trolluminati contact me to your owner
@Trolluminati contact me to your server
@Trolluminati contact me to your guild
@Trolluminati invite me
@Trolluminati i want to join the creator
@Trolluminati i want to join the owner
@Trolluminati i want to join your server
@Trolluminati i want to join your guild
@Trolluminati message the creator
@Trolluminati message the owner
@Trolluminati message me the server's link
@Trolluminati message me the guild's link
@Trolluminati send me to the creator
@Trolluminati send me to the owner
@Trolluminati send me to the server
@Trolluminati send me to the guild
Flip coin Flip + Coin
Flip + Coin + Heads
Flip + Coin + Tails
Flips a coin, can also bet on a side. @Trolluminati flip a coin
@Trolluminati flip the coin, i bet on heads
@Trolluminati flip coin, i think it will be tails
Profile Profile
Profile + [@Username]
Gives user's profile. @Trolluminati show me my profile
@Trolluminati show me @Username's profile
Rock paper scissors Choose + Rock
Choose + Paper
Choose + Scissors
Pick + Rock
Pick + Paper
Pick + Scissors
Select + Rock
Select + Paper
Select + Scissors
Plays rock paper scissors against him. @Trolluminati i choose rock
@Trolluminati i choose paper
@Trolluminati i choose scissors
@Trolluminati i pick rock
@Trolluminati i pick paper
@Trolluminati i pick scissors
@Trolluminati i select rock
@Trolluminati i select paper
@Trolluminati i select scissors
Say Say + [Text] Repeats whatever you want him to say. @Trolluminati can you say Hello world!
Yes/no questions Can + [Text] Answers you like 8ball. @Trolluminati can i be famous?