X BotDSharpPlus online 1629 servers

Multi-purpose bot used for setting reminders, giving cookies and hugs to people and much more

Owner(s): GHXX#9078

Prefix: > or @X Bot#6957 (configurable via >cfg)

To get started just invite it by clicking 'Invite'. Type '>help' to get a list of commands and 'faq' to get a list of frequently asked questions along with answers.
A custom prefix, a welcome message and autoroles can be set via >cfg
If you answer isn't in there you can just click the invite link to X Bot's main server to get help there. Currently offers:
  • Muting troublemakers on command,
  • Reminders that are accurate to the second,
  • A daily cookie lottery,
  • Setting a welcome message to greet new members,
  • Adding new members to one or more roles automatically,
  • Messaging members when they are added to one of your special roles (configurable),
  • Automatic spam deletion,
  • Gambling with cookies by playing higher-or-lower. More to come!
  • Playing hangman
  • Commands with random results, e.g. flipping a coin, making a choice, getting a random user, rolling a dice,
  • Giving hugs and cookies to people. (cookies are shared between servers and per user),
  • Commands for getting random images from imgur, gelbooru, rule34 and some other sites,
  • Interactive banning and kicking,
  • and a fully functional TODO list

more features soon™!