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Yet another multipurpose bot with *some* original features.

Owner(s): Gymnophoria#8146

Prefix: a.

Arthur is a multipurpose bot that is updated fairly regularly.

To see when new features are added, join Arthur's server and check the announcements channel.
For help, do @Arthur help (or whatever prefix you're using, set using prefix command; default is a.).
Suggestions are welcome! Do @Arthur suggest <suggestion> and join the server to see if it will be implemented.

Features such as:

  • Mp3 Command (download YouTube videos as mp3)
  • Pretty damn sexy GUIs
  • A fair amount of sass
  • Pretty darn good bot uptime
  • In-depth Music System
    • Pause/play
    • Upload your own files or play from a URL
    • View a paginated queue
    • Like your favorite songs
    • Loop or shuffle the queue
    • Play some sound effects
  • Webshot command (take pictures of websites)
  • A beautiful leveling system
    • View multiple leaderboard pages
    • Check your XP in style
    • See how you compare to other people on the bot, globally
  • Fun
    • Lenny command
    • Reverse text
    • Time something with the stopwatch command
  • Minecraft
    • Check a server's status
    • View skins
    • View name histories
  • Random APIs
    • Get a cat
    • Achieve a dog
    • Ask the Magical Eight Ball a question
    • View some xkcd comics
    • Do some other things
  • Polls (with mod permissions)
  • Regular updates
  • And uh.. More!

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