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Robot Hamster is a multipurpose bot that has moderation commands, fun commands, and useful commands!

Owner(s): King Crowley#3837

Prefix: h! or custom


Can set custom welcome leave messages with h!setwelcome [text]

Place holders

  • %MENTION% - Will mention the user
  • %NAME% - Will display the users name
  • %GUILDNAME% - Will display the guilds name
  • %MEMBERCOUNT% - Will display the member count for the server

Auto moderation

  • h!enableauto/disableauto - Will enable/disable auto moderation
  • h!enableinvite/disableinvite - Will enable/disable auto anti invite moderation
  • h!enableswear/disableswear - Will enable/disable auto anti swear moderation
  • h!enablelinks/disablelinks - Will enable/disable auto anti site links moderation

Robot Hamster

is a discord bot that specializes in fun commands, moderation commands, utility commands and everything in between! We add commands daily and overall keep things fresh and interesting with it.

Multi-purpose bot

It is the perfect bot for those who need something to keep the server fresh, fun and active but at the same time moderated!

Level / Gamble system

It also has its own leveling system that is a contender for the best level system bot./ It also has its own gambling system

NSFW Commands

The bot also has NSFW commands that work REQUIRES nsfw enabled in the channel your using the command or it won't work.