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A bot for playing music, searching images/gifs, urban dictionary and more!

Owner(s): kriste00#5285

Prefix: ! or @mention

Command List

This list does not contain all the commands.


!music or m (Link or Search)
Adds the selected song to the queue.
!mpc (Link or Search)
Immediately plays the selected song and clears the queue.
!play or p
Starts playing the queue.
!stop or s
Stops the queue.
Pauses the current song.
!vol (10 - 100)
Sets the music volume.
Skips the current song.
Shows all the songs in the queue.
Clears the queue.
!qsave (Queue Name)
Saves the current queue with spesified name.
!qload (Queue Name)
Loads the selected queue.


Shows help for commands.
Shows the round-trip delay in ms.
Shows all settings.
!sett (Setting id) (New Value)
Sets the specified setting to the desired value.


!img (Search)
Searches for an image.
!gif (Search)
Searches for a gif.
!ttt (@Mention) - Not 100% done yet.
Invite someone to play Tic Tac Toe.
!4ir (@Mention) - Not 100% done yet.
Invite someone to play Four In A Row.
Shows a pat image.
Nico Nico Nii!


!kick or ban (Username) (Reason)
Kicks or bans the selected user.
!block or unblock (Mention)
Blocks or unblocks the specified user.
Shows all blocked users.
!status (Username)
Sends you a notification when this users status change.
!delstatus (Username)
Removes the status-notification for the selected user.


!trim (1 - 99)
Deletes x amout of messages.
!user (Username)
Shows information about the specified user.
!emoji (Guild emoji)
Shows information about the emoji.
!eval (c# code)
Runs the specified c# script.