Candy Musicdiscord.js online 1324 servers

A cool music bot with a lot of cool features.

Owner(s): Zaem Evans#0596

Prefix: cm

Candy Music is music bot developed using Discord.JS library, it has several cool features in it, and of course more in the future, and the bot is playing high quality music, which can be rarely found in other music bots, I hope you enjoy using this music bot, if you encounter any problems, feel free to ask for help in the support server, everything you need can be found from the help command.

Support server invite link can be found in cminfo or cmabout or cminvite.

*You may notice that the bot creates instant invite to your server, but do not worry, we do not expose any of the invite link to anyone, it is for the uses of contact, if it is your private server do not want any of us to know it, please remove the permission of everyone creating instant invite before inviting the bot.*
Support Server