DirtBotJDA online 179 servers

A basic and fun bot that is still in development.

Owner(s): MrNuggetTangent#3286, Raizusekku#9447

Prefix: -!

Not much atm but here are the current and possibly future features:

Current Features:

# Fun / Informational Commands
-!say                             Only deletes the message for mods.
-!invite                           Invite bot or get invites of the server.
-!botstats                      Info about the bot.
-!medallist                     List of medals for this server.
-!help                            View params for the commands.

# Mod Commands
-!mute                           Mutes the provided user.
-!unmute                       Unmutes the provided user.
-!clear                           Clears given amount of messages.
-!award                         Awards the user with the medal.

# Admin Commands
-!kick                             Kicks the provided user.
-!ban                             Bans the provided user.
-!guildinfo                      Info about the guild.
-!medals                        Add or remove medals with multipliers.

Future Features:
- Self assignable role system.
- Profiling system with dirt as a currency.
- Waaay more fun/normal commands.
- Other awesome stuffs. :D