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Hello, my name is Mason and I aspire to be able to code Javascript and node.js, as a starting base I

Owner(s): viction#4028

Prefix: ; (Interchangeable)

Hello, my name is Mason and I aspire to be able to code JavaScript and Node.js, as a starting base I decided to create a discord bot which in my opinion is a pretty good bot for the time I have been learning. The current commands my bot has are:
> General Commands:
  • ;avatar: Grab your own or someone elses avatar.
  • ;contact: Find all contact info for Apollo and the bot invite URL.
  • ;embed: Creates an embed with information you provide.
  • ;help: Displays a list of available commands, or detailed information for a specified command.
  • ;ipinfo: Give an IP\Hostname and be returned the information on it.
  • ;ping: Checks the bot's ping to the Discord server.
  • ;shorten: Supply a URL and the bot will shorten it and return the shortened link.
  • ;yesorno: Supply a question and the bot will create an embed with yes or no reactions.

  • > Fun Commands:
  • ;8ball: Magic 8-Ball, does exactly what the toy does.
  • ;ascii: Creates an ASCII banner from the string you supply.
  • ;cat: Grabs random cat image from the web.
  • ;coinflip: Flips a coin to get "Heads" or "Tails".
  • ;dice: Roll a 6 sided die.
  • ;dog: Grabs random dog image from the web.
  • ;fml: Get a random FML quote.
  • ;lenny: Returns a lenny face.
  • ;soma: Mention a user to shit on their ass.
  • ;urban: Searches the Urban Dictionary library for a definition to the search term.
  • ;youtube: Gives you a YouTube result for what you search for.

  • > Moderation Commands:
  • ;purge: This will remove X amount of messages from the channel the command was sent in.
  • ;addrole: Mention a user and specify a role to give them that role.
  • ;autorole: Supply a role and everytime a member joins your guild, they will automatically given that role

  • > Command Management:
  • ;groups: Lists all command groups.
  • ;enable: Enables a command or command group.
  • ;disable: Disables a command or command group.

  • > Utility Commands:
  • ;prefix: Shows or sets the command prefix.
  • ;guildinfo: Shows information about the guild the message is sent in.
  • ;info: Shows information about LightBot.

  • I do realise the lack of Moderation commands. I am currently working on them and making more stable versions of them by every test!