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Music, auto-moderation, configurable, NSFW content, and more.

Owner(s): Sylver#1058

Prefix: a!, @Atlas (customizable)

Atlas is a multifunctional, easy to use bot with a ton of fun features. For more information, documentation, command lists, and much more visit our website.


Atlas has over 20 fun commands, including games, jokes, and more. Ever wanted to spam your servers chat with memes? Have you had a strange desire to get weird, interesting information delivered to a channel near you? If you want it enabled, it can happen.


Atlas is highly configurable, allowing you do things such as blacklisting users from using Atlas, restricting modules to channels, disabling modules, disabling specific commands, setting your own prefix, and a lot more.


Atlas is packed with easy to use auto and manual moderation tools. You can have chat filters to prevent swearing, disable invites to prevent users from advertising in your server, enable the modlog to log users activity to make moderation easier. You could even make Atlas give users a role when they join to help control users.


Atlas has some of the highest quality music your ears will hear (mostly). We have spent hours and hours perfecting music to make sure it works well for everyone. There are no limits or locked features, want to play nyan cat for 10 hours? We're not stopping you.