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zBot is a multi-purpose Discord bot that features moderation, experience tracking, music and more!

Owner(s): zBlake#0007

Prefix: + (customizable)

zBot is an all-in-one Discord bot that includes features such as customizable profiles and experience tracking, music, moderation tools, configurable settings and other miscellaneous commands and features! zBot is hosted on Google Cloud servers, 24/7 with minor downtime due to crashes or maintenance.

To get help using zBot, type "+help". To configure settings with zBot such as prefix or moderation logging channels, type "+config" or "+help config".

Profiles & Levels

With an in-built experience and leaderboard system as well as equip-able badges and backgrounds,
the fun never ends with zBot.


Ranging from automatic moderation filters, to common moderation commands such as ban, mute, warn and kick.


Including features such as mini-games, music, math, search and much more.

Discord Server

Full Features List