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An all-in-one Discord bot that features moderation, experience tracking, music and more.

Owner(s): zBlake#6715

Prefix: +

zBot is an all-in-one Discord bot that strives to include everything you'd need in a bot. With features such as server-specific experience tracking and statistics, customisable profiles, music functionality, moderation commands, configurable settings and other miscellaneous commands and features! zBot is hosted on Google Cloud servers, 24/7 with minor downtime due to crashes or maintenance.

To get help using zBot, type "+help". To configure settings with zBot such as prefix or moderation logging channels, type "+config" or "+help config".

Profiles & Levels

With an in-built experience and leaderboard system as well as equip-able badges and backgrounds,
the fun never ends with zBot.


Ranging from automatic moderation filters, to common moderation commands such as ban, mute, warn and kick.


Including features such as mini-games, music, math, search and much more.

Discord Server

Full Features List

● Configurable settings that can be set by the owner of the guild, such as prefix, where moderator logs are sent, and the moderator role itself.
● Graphing command (in development) which allows you to input data and it'll turn it into a graph.
● "dadjoke" command, which pulls a random dad joke from the internet.
● Music command with full functionality, including a queuing system, skipping and YouTube search support.
● A "search" command, which searches a given query on Google and returns what it can find.
● League of Legends ("lol") command, which returns results on specific summoners in a given region.
● Experience system, which automatically gives experience to people who are active in your guild! (can be disabled in config)
● A profile command, which can be used to view your own or others profiles. Profiles are per-guild, and can be customised however you want (backgrounds, badge showcase).
● An "equip" command that is used to equip different items to your profile!
● A leaderboard command that allows you to see who has the most experience in that guild.
● "face" command that identifies attributes (such as age/gender) of a face in a specified image.
● A math evaluator.
● Challenge command, including full functionality for HP, potions and attacks! Use this command to duel your friends!
● Respective "dog" and "cat" commands, which returns an image of a dog or a cat.
● "pfp", which grabs yours or another users profile picture. Can be used with in-built filters as well.
● AFK command, which will alert people who try to ping you that you are AFK.
● A simple coin flip command.
● An 8-ball.
● A git command.
● Respective "ban", "mute", "warn", "kick" and "softban" commands, which do what they say.
● "uinfo", which grabs information on a specified user.
● A purge/message removal command.
● Automatic expletive/spam filters.
● An info command, which displays technical information on zBot
● Conversations with zBot, which can be started by tagging zBot.
● A credits command.
● A "mods" command to see all available mods that are online.
● "translate" command that uses the Google Translate API to convert in over 60 different languages.