SlotBotJDA online 671 servers

A bot designed to spice up your server by adding several fun minigames (still work in progress)

Owner(s): Peep#4146

Prefix: ~

SlotBot is a bot featuring four minigames as of right now (slots, blackjack, coin flip, and dice roll) which players can bet on using SlotBot currency (represented by the :dollar: emote). Every six hours, SlotBot allows you and your server members to steal one briefcase each (using ~steal) and open them to receive a random amount of loot. It may also drop wallets in your channels on occasion which users can collect for even more money. That's barely scratching the surface of what the bot can do though. In fact if you'd like an extensive list of its functions, the ~help command is always available, as is the ~suggest command if you ever have any ideas that you think might help SlotBot grow. Accepted suggestions are rewarded with SlotBot currency, but spamming the ~suggest command with useless suggestions will only result in the opposite.