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Axel is a feature rich bot updated almost every week! Check detailed description for more. :D

Owner(s): Sei4or#3172

Prefix: ::

Besides all the moderation commands like purge, clear, kick, ban and more there are also commands like weather to get a custom image of the place you specify! Other commands like profile have badges and custom description you can set and earn. With the all new settings command you can customize your server by enabling welcome and goodbye messages(more coming soon) or even search Hypixel API for a player's stats. Other commands like feedback can be used to send any feedback for Sei4or(me) to see and most likely put in the bot(like the new role command suggested). Users can see info on channels, stats of bot, youtube search, translate, and more. There is also a support server below to ask questions and get help for Axel. Have Fun!