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A starboard dedicated bot.

Owner(s): Dim#4657

Prefix: ! or @mention

Note: when inviting the bot, moderator perms are completely optional, but recommended for the !setup command to work and so that the bot can view every channel.
The only purpose of this bot is to mange starred messages and for those messages to show up on starboard.services.

Command Description
!web Link to starboard.services.
!top Link to starboard site for your server.
!about Information about starboard bot.
!help Get the commands for starboard bot.
!invite Get an invite for starboard bot.
!pins Get all the pins in the current channel.
!setup Setup and configure the starboard channel.
!blacklist Prevent a channel from being shown in the starboard.
!blacklists Get all blacklisted channels.
!whitelist Revert blacklist.
!minimum Set the minimum amount of required stars.
!minimal Toggle minimal mode (no id, no date).
!prefix Set the prefix of the server | none for none.