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A Wizard bot has appeared , MUAHAHA ! Music / Moderation / Information ! INVITE ME ! MUHAHA

Owner(s): Vortrix#1330

Prefix: w!

About :

Wizard is a bot for music, moderation and information.

Wizards's features include:

  • Music and youtube search.
  • Moderation (only ban command , working on the mute command)
  • Information (like user information, server information, bot information)
  • Efficient Anti-Swear
  • A Welcomer
    • *Wizard is hosted on a 24/7 server.

        Commands :

        Prefix : w!

          Music Commands :

        • w!play (Name of the music or an URL)
        • w!mstop (Stops the music)
        • w!skip (Skips the music)
        • w!clear (Clears the queue)
        • w!pause (Pauses the music)
        • w!resume (Resumes the music)
        • w!volume (Changes the music volume)
          • Information Commands:

          • w!help (Gives Help for the commands)
          • w!userinfo (The user information)
          • w!serverinfo (The server information)
          • w!botinfo (The bot information)
            • Moderation Commands:

            • w!ban (Bans a user from the server)
            • w!kick (Kicks the user from the server)
            • w!mute (Mutes the user)
            • w!unmute (Unmutes the user)
            • w!tempmute (Temporarily mutes the user)
            • w!warn (Warns a rule breaker)
            • w!report (Reports a rule breaker)
            • w!antiSwear (Allows to enable/disable the AntiSwear)
              • Other Commands:

              • w!setwelcome (Allows to set a welcome channel)
                • PS: If you have any suggestion or idea , feel free the contact me , I'm most of the time active ;)