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Fun Game Bot Featuring Chess

Owner(s): Chewey#1635

Prefix: !

A fully fledged Gaming bot with Fully working Chess
Triva with a global leaderboard
Even tictactoe with custom board sizes

Also featuring a huge amount of utility command to make your server fun and bring it to life
!directions to='end' from='start'  (gets directions more options coming soon) +
!playlists  (create and manage your own playlists for use with music bots read help) +
!email  (You can email people from Discord please read !help-email)
!wikipedia (article)  Search up a Wikipedia article
!weather (placename), (country code) just place works some times
!math (query)  (ask it any math question and have it solved) +
!isitdown (name here)  (add graph at end to view it in a graph example \`!isitdown discord graph\`
  !game-count   shows how many of what game are running right now
  !chess  (how to play and more information best to read help first time) +
  !question  (gets a random question there also a global leaderboard) +
  !tictactoe (play a game of TicTacToe) +​
!clashroyale (your ID) gets your Clash Royale Stats
!overwatch (your ID) gets your profile +​
Bring Some Life To Your Server
!gifme (what you want)
!picme (what you want)
!youtube (what you want)
!define (word/s)    (you can define any word to find what it means definitions from urban dictionary)
!suggest (what you want to see added)  (please note these need manual review so dont spam)
!coin-flip    flips a coin
!choose-list (options)  seperate values with , eg !choose-list hi,hello
!joke  give you a joke
!advice  gives some random advice
!fortune  give you some random fortune
!useless-fact  a random useless fact
!emojify (your message)  turns your message into emoji letters
!quote   gets a random quote​