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Bot for managing colour roles

Owner(s): jaq#6610

Prefix: j!


jColour is a bot for managing custom colours.

For example, jColour can..

  • ..give a colour to new members
  • ..replace a member's colour with a new one
  • ..give a member a random colour role
  • ..make a website and show the available colours
  • ..suggest names for a hex code
  • probably something else too but who cares

You can see the list of commands by typing j!help

Setup guide

  1. Make a role called colour <something> - make sure the name is all in lower case. Obviously replace <something> with a name for the colour.
  2. Add a colour to that role.
  3. Make sure the jColour role is above that role.
  4. Repeat.
  5. Check the website by typing j!colour.

Protip: If you name a role colour default, it gets given to members on join.


  1. Type j!colour (j!color, j!colours and j!colors also work)
  2. Open the website and choose a colour you want
  3. Type j!colour <colour name>
  4. Profit

Protip: If you can't decide, j!colour random gives you a random colour out of the available ones.

Note: We save the name and ID of your server, role names and role colours for the website.
All data gets deleted after the bot is kicked.