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Helps admins to manage support tickets on their server.

Owner(s): LiBa01#8817

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This useful bot helps you to organize support on your server.


Support-Manager creates support tickets for users who have problems or questions.
Supporters can handle the tickets and close them if the problem is solved.
A support ticket includes:

  • an unique ID
  • the author
  • the server
  • general info about the problem
  • added information & date of addition

Ticket handling

  1. Once a ticket is created, the bot sends all the information into the support channel of the server which has to be configured before.
  2. Now the supporters can handle the ticket. If there is new information about the problem, the ticket author can easlily add it and the supporters will be informed.
  3. When the problem is solved, the ticket can be closed by either the author or a supporter. When closing a ticket, you can add the reason for doing this.
  4. If a ticket is closed by a supporter, the author of it gets a private message with the reason.


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