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Information, server management, minigames (e.g. Connect 4), and economy commands!

Owner(s): Izorr#1427, Mippy#0001

Prefix: - (or custom)


is a multi-purposed bot giving helpful / funny commands to your server! It's connected 24/7 and updated regularly. You can also keep in touch with the developers for support or feedback... sending a DM to bot; you'll get a fast answer. Here's the command list, execute them with - or the chosen prefix:
Information commands:
-emojinfo, -userinfo, -serverinfo, -botinfo, -roleinfo
Useful commands:
-help, -staffhelp, -stats, -ping
Staff commands:
-warn, -kick, -mute, -ban, -hackban, -purge, -announce, -prefix
Fun commands:
-row4, -rps, -chest, -scrabble, -guess, -monster, -skin
Economy commands:
-bank register, -balance, -gift, -payday, -slot, -bet, -buy, -inventory, -pay