Bladediscord.py idle 1865 servers

Information, server management, minigames (e.g. Connect 4), and economy commands!

Owner(s): Alex#1870, Mippy#0001

Prefix: - (or custom)


is a multi-purposed discord bot frequently updated. It includes useful commands, fun games such as connect4 scrabble or monster/gem collecting, and also mod commands to keep your server clean! We also enable you to get your custom prefix, custom welcomemessage / goodbyemessage... in your server. Blade is definitely one of the best bots you could have!

Useful commands:

-help -staffhelp -stats -invite -botinfo -userinfo -roleinfo -serverinfo -emojiinfo -discrim -name -poll

Fun commands:

-rps -rpstats -guess -scrabble -connect4 -monster -monsterinv -choose -chest

Economy commands:

-register -gems -gift -balance -baltop -pay -prizes -bid -shop -buy -iteminv

Staff commands:

-purge -clear -warn -mute -kick -ban -hackban -history

Customizable behaviour:

-setprefix -setwelcome -setgoodbye -disablechannel -logger -modlogs