RubiconJDA offline 1334 servers

Music, Moderation and a lot of tools.

Owner(s): Unknown, Unknown, Lee#3773, Schlaubi#0001

Prefix: rc! or customizable

RubiconBot provides more than 70 commands in different categories.
- Music
- Moderation
- Tools
- Fun
- Admin

Fully customizable prefix!

Join and Leave messages!
rc!joinmsg | Enables join messages
rc!leavemsg | Enables leave messages
rc!channel <#channel> | Sets the channel for join- and leavemessages

Levels and money!
rc!profile | See your level, money and more

Verification Feature with reactions and autokick
rc!verify setup

Portal between two servers!
rc!portal create | Creates a portal with a random server.
rc!portal close | Closes your portal
rc!portal invite | Invites a server owner to connect specific servers
rc!portal accept | Accept an invite

Premium without real money!
rc!premium buy | Buy RubiconBot premium with rubys

And many more!
- To see all our commands, you can visit our command [Documentation](https://rubicon.fun)

- If you need help, you can join our community/support [discord server](http://dc.rucb.co)