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Music bot for Discord. Custom prefix. Customizable behaviour. Blacklists and more.

Owner(s): Guest#4997

Prefix: >> or custom

# Discord Music Bot Next to listening to music you also can: * Manage the **channels the bot can't join** * Fully manageable **roles and permissions** * Ability to **blacklist songs** * Choose your **preferred prefix** ## Features __Commands__ (prefixed with your defined prefix) * `help` List commands * `join` Joins a channel * `play ` Add song to queue * `forceplay ` Plays a song directly, skipping the current song * `pause` Pause current song * `resume` Resume current song * `queue ` List queue, page command is optional * `skip` Skip current song * `np` Show the song that is currenty playing * `shuffle` Suffles the queue * `remove ` Remove a song from the playlist (index, range or mention a user) * `move ` Move a song to another position in the queue * `volume <0-100>` Set the volume * `mute` Mute the bot * `unmute` Unmute the bot * `clearqueue` Clears queue and stops playing * `disconnect` Disconnect bot from channel and clear queue * `blacklist show` Lists blacklisted YouTube ids * `voicechannel show` Lists blocked voice channels for the bot Admin commands: * `blacklist add ` Adds a YouTube video to the blacklist * `blacklist remove ` Removes a YouTube video from the blacklist * `voicechannel disallow ` Blocks the bot from joining a channel * `voicechannel allow ` Removes the the channel from the blacklist * `dj role ` Set the DJ role * `dj require ` Set a command to DJ-only *(help command is always public)* * `dj remove ` Remove DJ-only from a command * `prefix ` Set the prefix for commands Note: * Administrators can always run every command * Admin commands can only be ran by administrators. When you give admin-only commands DJ-only, DJ's are also able to run this command. ### Todo: [See our trello](https://trello.com/b/kWbyNTxN/kanban)