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Get prices of Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and more!) and also get Coinbase Service S

Owner(s): Parcanss#0941

Prefix: $

This bot can get you current prices of Cryptocurrency and also the status's of Coinbase Services.We are also taking requests what for what other Cryptocurrencys to add! (use the feedback command)
Do $help to see all commands!
Current Support Currnecys The Commands to see them
Bitcoin $btc or $bitcoin
Bitcoin Cash $bch or $bitcoin-cash
Ethereum $eth or $ethereum
Litecoin $ltc or $litecoin
Dash $dash
ZCash $zec or $zcash
Monero $xmr or $monero
Rippple $xrp or $ripple
IOTA Gets Stats for IOTA
Cardano $ada or $cardano
Dogecoin $doge or $dogecoin
Stellar $xlm or $stellar
Request Network $req or $request-netowrk
Kin $kin

Other Commands:
Commands What they do
$top Get the current Top 5 Ranking Cryptocurrencies
$search Search for a Cryptocurrency (Example - $search litecoin)
$global See Global Stats for Cryptocurrency
$all See the Status for everything to do with Coinbase
$payment See the Coinbase Status for Payment Services
$general See the Coinbase Status for General Services
$cyrpto See the Coinbase Status for Cyrpto Services