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Live up your community with awesome features

Owner(s): Wolke#0001

Prefix: poi, mention, or custom

Yuudachi is a kantai-collection themed bot made to entertain you and your server.

Currently Yuudachi runs as a public beta, so expect some rough edges and changes in the commands.

Some of the things Yuudachi can do for you:

  • Choose something out of a list of choices
  • Get information about osu profiles by username
  • Get lots of cute reaction images for things like pat, cuddle, hug and similar
  • Write letters of recommendation for other admirals and see who is the most popular admiral
  • Generate images of the shittiest waifus in your server
  • Serve you with nothing but the best and cutest catgirls

Planned Features for Yuudachi are:

  • Levels
  • Currency
  • Account Linking
  • Customizable Profiles

Our Discord: