GhostBotJDA online 625 servers

A discord bot for all your Danny Phantom needs

Owner(s): duncte123#1245

Prefix: gb.


GhostBot is a discord bot made for Danny Phantom fans.

Current Command list: Use gb.help [command] for more info about a command

    gb.goingghost: Screams "going ghost" in the voice channel that you are in (has a 5% chance of becoming ghostly)
    gb.wail: Gives you a nice ghostly wail
    gb.fuitloop: You're one crazed up fruitloop
    gb.boxghost: plays a random boxghost audio clip
    gb.remember: plays the song in your current voice channel

    gb.doppelganger: allows you to real the doppelganger comic within discord
    gb.image: Gives you a random Danny Phantom related image from google
    gb.gif: Gives you a random Danny Phantom gif

    gb.wiki: Search the Danny Phantom wiki
    gb.wikiuser: Search wikia for users.

    gb.quote: gives you a random and totally correct Danny Phantom quote
    gb.randomghost: picks a random ghost from the wiki for you
    gb.game: gives you a DP game (contact duncte123#1234 if you want to add a game to the list)

    gb.help: Your avarage help command
    gb.about: Gives some information about the bot

    gb.5yl: Allows you to read the 5 years later comic within discord
    gb.5ylwiki: Search the 5 years later wiki

This bot is open to feature requests, for feature requests please contact duncte123#1245 or join the support guild.