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Arnev Sai, a bot that can do music, fun, top notch moderation, and more!

Owner(s): ralphswg#0001

Prefix: sai

Arnev Sai

Rev up your communities with the stability, versatility, and customizability with Arnev Sai

Key Features

* Heavy customization using commands.
* Custom commands with complex scripting (not just plain).
* Memes, jokes, and more awesome humor!
* Top notch moderation with strict policies towards roles and a user log.
* A WIP AI like Cleverbot with helpful information.
* Unique features not found elsewhere on other bots.
* Professional tools for moderation.
* Music playback in voice channels.
* Badges to show off your amazing skill!
* A sense of humor :)

Additional Notes
* In order to take advantage of the user activity log, a channel named "userlog" must be created.
* Arnev Sai is still WIP; features may change with varying availability.

Music Guide

Since Arnev Sai is also a music bot, we would like to post a little guide on how to utilize this feature.

Listening to Music
Note: you must have a role named DJ in order to add and play music!

First, add a song to the queue. To do this, run either 'sai madd youtube_url_here' or 'sai queuepl playlist_name_here'.
    sai madd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMg8KaMdDYo
    sai queuepl memes

Creating and using playlists
Creating playlists is also quite easy. To do this, run 'sai makepl name_here'.

To add music to a playlist, run 'sai addpl playlist_name youtube_url'

Don't just sit there with your milk and cookies, try him out by joining the support server!*
Note: To truly experience the magic of Arnev Sai, you may want to create an empty server and try him there!

Useful Links

The official website
Support Server
Official Help and Support