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Reaction Rules Verification, Role Switchings,Giveaways,private voice Rooms, password Youtube Twitter

Owner(s): Cryptix#0001

Prefix: + [or custom]

- Unlock channels via reaction! (Optionally with own reactions, multiple switchings possible) | +c
- Accept rules via reaction and get a role. On unreact get kicked or lose the role. *NEW: with a custom Emoji* | +v
- Create cool Giveaways (optional winner role) | +g
- Let everyone create private Voice Rooms - without a command | Setup: +r
- Password protect roles | +p
- Autoban known ToS violators / raiders | +gban [info/on/off]
- Awesome Twitter & YouTube announcements | +a
- Autokicks - auto kick on join | +kick ID and +unkick ID
- Hackbans - auto ban on join | +ban ID and +unban ID
- More features comming soon!