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Generates a random message based on your previous messages

Owner(s): EvoSteven#9999

Prefix: ?

This bot uses Markov chains to create random messages consisting of snippets of your previous messages. It achieves this by using next-word probability and can create some hilarious nonsensical results.

Usage: ?fakequote [maxStops] [user]
The two parameters are optional
?fakequote 2
?fakequote 3 @SomeDude#1234

maxStops just means that when a fake quote should've reached its end, it creates another one and appends it. Default is 1.

If you have the "manage messages" permission, you can:
- Ban and unban users from using this command (also blacklists them)
- Change the max amount of words
- Clear a user's database
- Disable mentions through a generated message

Since it relies on user messages, it goes without saying that the more you talk, the more random your messages become. You could call it "training data" of sorts. An example below.

That movie is terrible.
Pizza is amazing without pineapple!

That movie is amazing without pineapple!

Other info:
Uptime is pretty good
Development is active, although it only supports 1 feature at the moment anyway

Disclaimer: While this bot doesn't technically log your messages, it does store them in a specific way so that it can generate the random messages.

Any questions, feedback, bugs, suggestions? Join my dev server!