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I am built to track, create, and log user-made parties, events, and get-together's!

Owner(s): Spider#5879

Prefix: p!

![PartyBot](https://cdn.discordapp.com/avatars/451391104252641300/2ffade6b6cf695ed875d1c425cb83f14.png?size=256) ![Discord Bots](https://discordbots.org/api/widget/status/451391104252641300.svg?noavatar=true) # General Info The bot aims to provide a solution to the problem of tracking events, get togethers, and parties hosted or involving a discord Guild. A user simply needs to run a command, and the party is registered and listed. Bot owner: **Spider#5879** Support server invite: `https://discord.gg/yeGH2PM` ## Command List `p!CreateParty` Creates a party registered under the command runner's name and ID. Then sends the party message embed to the registered party channel. Syntax: `p!createParty Location | Starting Date | Ending Date` `p!DeleteParty` Attempts to delete the party with the message ID given. The message id must be the id of the party message. Alternatively, if you have `Manage Messages` perms, you could simply delete the party message. If the Party Organizer role is needed, the person needs to have it in order to delete other party messages. Syntax: `p!deleteParty ` `p!ListParties` Lists all of the parties currently registered on the server. `p!Ping` Pings the bot and edits the ping message with the latency in milliseconds. `p!Help` Shows general help. Syntax: `p!help` or `p!help ` `p!ListCommands` Lists all commands used by the bot. `p!Info` Information about the bot `p!Invite` Posts the invite link in chat. ## Bot Config Info The bot starts out by asking the user to set up the config for the server. The config manages whether or not the special `Party Organizer` role is needed to create a party, or delete someone else's party. It also decides if the bot should pin the party messages as they appear, and which channel they appear in, as well as the prefix used by the bot in the server Defaults: Pin the party message? `Yes.` Is a role needed to create a party? `No.` Is a role needed to delete other people's parties? `Yes.` Party channel has **no** default, and must be assigned manually. Command Prefix: `p!` ### Config Commands `p!ShowConfig` Shows the current config for the server. `p!ChangePrefix ` Changes the prefix to the one specified. Remove the `<>` when writing out your command. **WARNING:** The command does not check whether or not the prefix is one that can be easily typed, or one that is common in chat. `p!PartyCreateRole y/n` "Changes whether or not people can create parties with or without a role. The role in question must have the name `Party Organizer`. `p!partyDeleteRole y/n` Changes whether or not people can delete parties with or without a role. **WARNING:** This should always be a `No` if you want to avoid raiders/trolls deleting legit parties. `p!pinMessage y/n` Decides whether or not the bot should pin the party message to the party channel. `p!setPartyChannel #channel` Sets the party channel. This is where the bot sends the party message embeds.